Facebook And Instagram Are Adding A Little Sparkle To Mardi Gras 2020

Mardi Gras, Sydney

Mardi Gras is here! And to celebrate it, Facebook and Instagram are unifying the LGBTQ+ communities from across the whole of Australia with their campaign “Your Voice Matters”.

AJ Clementine, Mardi Gras
AJ Clementine

Although the famed Mardi Gras parade is held in the vibrant city of Sydney, Facebook is connecting people from all cities and towns in Australia to empower queer expression. They are encouraging likeminded people to join in on the celebrations in a safe way via #MardiaGras2020 and their favourite creators’ content.

ChiliPhilly, Mardi Gras

Facebook has organised for teen trans creator and LGBTQ+ advocate @ajclementine; queer crochet artist @chiliphilly and teen creator and dragqueen @alrighthey and many more to make an appearance on the “Your Voice matters” float – adding even more colour and sparkle to an already explosive event.

“Facebook and Instagram have helped amplify voices and spotlight groups that would not normally have had this exposure through traditional methods,”

says Dameyon Bonson, Founder of Black Rainbow

Facebook has spotlighted these LGBTQ+ groups:

  • Black Rainbow – Australia’s leading indigenous suicide prevention and mental health support source for LGBTQ+ people.
  • LGBTQA Elders Australia – the group brings together, supports and promotes the interests and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ Elders across Australia who are approaching or have reached the age of 55 years and over.
  • Trikone – The Page and private Group offer a supportive, empowering and non-judgmental environment, where gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender South Asians can meet, make connections, bond together and proudly promote awareness and acceptance of their sexuality in society.

Top LGBTQ+ Facebook groups to follow:

Top ten cities in Australia who use the rainbow emoji in the lead-up to Mardi Gras:

Mardigras, Sydney
  1. Sydney
  2. Melbourne
  3. Brisbane
  4. Perth
  5. Gold Coast
  6. Adelaide
  7. Sunshine Coast
  8. Ipswich
  9. Newcastle
  10. Wollongong

Facebook and Instagram are encouraging connection, participation and expression. From colourful animations to rainbow hashtags, no matter where you are, you’re bound to feel the full force of the Mardi Gras spirit.

Written by Emeric Brard


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