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15 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Makeup

15 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Makeup

Being environmentally friendly and recycling to save the planet has become an important issue in recent years. Not many people however realise how easy it is to be resourceful with one’s makeup.

Before discarding any old products please consider implementing some of these quirky tips to get some more life and value out of your makeup bag. There’s no reason for any of it to go to waste!


Eye shadow is one of the best and easiest make up products to reuse. We all have that one regretful eyeshadow purchase sitting at the bottom of our makeup case. So before you toss out that palette of crazy colours that there’s little hope you will (or should) ever wear try out these ideas:

  1. Old dry eye shadows can easily be crushed into powder form. This powder can then be mixed with a small amount of pawpaw ointment to form a creamy eye shadow. Just use a small container such as a contact lens container to store your new special homemade blend.
  2. Crushed eye shadows can also be mixed with clear nail polish to create new nail polish colours.
  3. Kids too love playing and inheriting old makeup. Crushed eye shadow powders can be mixed with clear glue or even white paint to create fun shimmery colours for kids to play with.
  4. Sometimes when an eyeshadow loses its pigmentation it shouldn’t be used on the eyes anymore. In that instance neutral colours can be used instead as a blush or highlight along the cheekbones.


Mascara is one make up product that does not have a long shelf life. They need to be thrown out every four months. Thankfully it is possible to recycle your mascara brush after it has been washed well. Just use a washcloth or old toothbrush for best results.

  1. A mascara brush can be used to brush your eyebrows
  2. Or alternatively to clean jewelry
  3. Kids also love to use these little wands as a paint brush or to brush their tiny dolls hair with.
  4. They can also be used to clean any item with small or difficult to reach spots like air conditioning vents.


  1. Old eyeliners can actually go dry. In order to repurpose them as a semi- liquid eyeliner sharpen them first. Then using a lighter, hold the tip of the eye-pencil in the flame for just one second. Give it ten seconds to cool off and then line away with the semi-soft eyeliner. You will be surprised at how easily the old colour comes to life.


Lipsticks are one of my favourite makeup items to reuse.

  1. If you have any old lipsticks that are near empty, scoop out the leftover product into a small container. Then microwave for approximately five seconds in the microwave. They can then be mixed with other colours to make a new and more exciting shade.
  2. Or to create a glossy texture simply add petroleum jelly and use a brush to apply your lip-gloss.


  1. Most perfumes have a maximum shelf life of approximately three to five years. Many women are tempted to toss out their bottles when they are near empty but save those final drops! Mix any leftover perfume with plain non-fragrance body oil or even sorbolene to make a scented body moisturiser.
  2. Bottles can be also added to a lingerie drawer to help scent any special items.

Bronzers & Blushes

  1. The colour you love on your cheeks works just as well on your lips too. Simply add a clear gloss to create a beautiful neutral colour.
  2. Finally just as eyeshadow can be crushed so too can be bronzers. Mix them with your moisturiser to create a perfect tinted moisturiser for your face or body.

Matty Samaei is one of the most experienced & highly respected practitioners in the non-surgical cosmetic field. With a career spanning in excess of 18 years it is conservatively estimated that she has performed tens of thousands of injectable procedures. Her elite and discreet business, The Medispa by Matty, based in Double Bay, Sydney, strongly reflects Matty’s philosophy and absolute commitment to the highest levels of safety and expertise. 

Written by Matty Samaei

Matty Samaei is a practitioner in the non-surgical cosmetic field.


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