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How To Replenish Your Skin With Pellelucent

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Bianca: Who doesn’t want to find a luxury brand – at a reasonable price-point – that can help peel back the years? There’s a new product on the market called Pellelucent that’s perfect for replenishing your skin and everyone is obsessing over. It combines a scientifically-produced compound from Europe… with organic Australian botanicals. The result? A sophisticated anti-ageing skincare product. This feels so rich and luxurious. Tell us more about the ingredients?

Katrina: Pellelucent has eight active ingredients – that’s an exceptionally high number of ingredients which is why it’s truly effective.

Bianca: What sort of feedback have you been getting? What have the customers said about the results so far?

Katrina: It’s great for combatting dry, flakey skin which might have a blotchy, uneven tone. We even get Rosacea sufferers saying wonderful things about it. It also helps with some long-term problems such as fine lines, enlarged pores and a loss of elasticity. We keep hearing the same phrases. “My skin is so supple and hydrated” “My fine lines look reduced” – and, most common of all, “My skin glows”.  That’s very gratifying.

Bianca: Have you enjoyed using it yourself?

Katrina: Yes, definitely, and because our product is easy to use, it appeals to busy, time poor, women.  And particularly important to those who love our product is that Pellelucent is not tested on animals

Bianca: Okay, so how long will it take to see results once you start to use it?

Katrina: Many customers see an immediate boost to their skin in terms of hydration and toning. But we also feel confident that customers will appreciate further benefits such as smoother, firmer skin and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores after just a few weeks. And incidentally, this is where the 30ml size product is really useful – it’s been specifically designed to give women the opportunity to try a meaningful quantity of our product on their unique skin.

Bianca: On that point… there are only two products in the range… both in a 30ml and 100ml size! Why is that?

Katrina: We believe that the most effective skincare routine is one that’s simple and affordable. We have one product, it’s available in two versions – the lighter lotion and the richer cream. Because both versions contain the same eight active ingredients and are effective on the face, throat and on the delicate under-eye areas, you don’t need an expensive or complicated range of area-specific skincare products. The 30ml size is designed to be a great introduction to the product, giving new customers a wonderful opportunity to fully experience the benefits of Pellelucent on their own skin. They generally will be switching up from basic moisturisers and other skincare products with few, if any, active ingredients or trying out our more affordable alternative to their current brands. Our customers then usually choose the great value of the 100ml size, perhaps keeping a 30ml as a handy travel product.

Bianca: Okay, as you say – there’s a Cream and a Lotion. It’s one anti-ageing formulation – both contain the same eight active ingredients in the same proportions – the only difference is the viscosity – or in other words, the way they feel on the skin. When would you use each?

Katrina: Lots of our customers use both our lotion and cream – the lotion for day and the cream for night. Because both versions contain the same eight active ingredients and are effective on the face, throat and on the delicate under-eye areas, you don’t need an expensive or complicated range of area-specific skincare products.

Bianca: So basically, with Pellelucent you can simply cleanse, apply the product and then sunscreen and make up and you are good to go!

Katrina: That’s right! The aim has always been to create the best anti-ageing skincare possible. The result is (overlay of product/using the product) is highly effective in addressing a range of age-sensitive skin needs. It’s unlike anything else on the market.

Bianca: Pellelucent has eight active ingredients – what are some of the differences with other brands… such as price?

Katrina: We see Pellelucent occupying a unique space as an Australian anti-ageing productthat is effective, sophisticated and luxurious. It looks good on the bathroom shelf and also makes an impressive gift. We’re particularly proud that Pellelucent is an effective balance of a European scientifically-developed compound and active ingredients from native Australian botanicals. Because we rely on our product’s effectiveness and don’t spend huge amounts on image advertising, our product is available at a more accessible price than other products that would make claims to do what Pellelucent actually does.

Bianca: Thanks Katrina.

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