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Liodora Lynage: We Have Found A 100% Natural Anti-Ageing Treatment!

Liodora Lynage

Liodora Lynage, a unique beauty product, has recently been introduced in Australia. It is a natural anti-ageing treatment comprising ingredients from the ‘Cacay’ seed grown in the Amazon forests of Columbia.

The Cacay oil or Lynage has strong regenerative and antioxidant constituents owing to a novel process of extracting Cacay oil which retains the nutrients of the Cacay seed. Lynage has been used since ancient times for burns, irritations and to improve the cicatrisation processes.

Anti-ageing treatment

Frequent application of Lynage has been proven to increase hydration, skin tone and elasticity.

The main constituents of Lynage are: Linoleic Acid, Vitamin E and Retinol. Linoleic Acid, commonly known as vitamin F, is the key criterion for rejuvenating dehydrated and dry skin.

Its regenerative potential minimises wrinkles and blemishes, protects the skin and defends it against external aggressions. In particular, linoleic acid has a positive action on stretch marks and scarring.

Vitamin E present in Lynage is another significant product which nourishes the cells. In contrast, retinol with its anti-ageing power stimulates the skin’s natural renewal mechanisms, enhances cell regeneration and triggers the secretion of collagen and elastin. Lynage, a revolutionary beauty product is composed of 50% more vitamin E, double the quantity of linoleic acid compared to Argan oil and three times more Retinol than Rose Hip Oil. Liodora are proud to introduce this affordable, valuable anti- ageing product to the Australian market.

RRP $78.99 Australian

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