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10 Winter Hair Styles And Colours Inspirations

Tips and Tricks with Frankie Flanagan co-founder of Adilla Colab Salon

Days are getting shorter, trees browner and you’re having soup everyday?

You must look for something a bit exciting to overcome winter depression. This is the perfect moment to change your hair and feel good and new! If you don’t know which style you should try, here are some inspirations that may help you.

To bring something new to my brown and curly hair, I went to Marie France Group, a French inspired hair and beauty company based in the pier in Walsh bay, Sydney.

I didn’t have a precise idea of what to do, but I thought a cooper balayage would bring nice highlights to my dark hair. I never did anything extremely original on my hair before, so it was very appreciable that the consultancy with Ommani, one of the Master stylists of the salon, started with a few questions about my hair habits and expectations.

consultancy with Ommani, the Master stylist of the salon, with a few questions about my hair habits and expectations

As a “visagisme” specialised group, they don’t only provide you a haircut but an overall wellness and beauty experience. With this unique approach, they get to know better your style, personality and how you want to feel with your hair. Even if I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, I completely trusted her on what to do with my hair after this conversation.

relaxing moment with a shoulder and head massage

Then, I was offered a very relaxing moment with a shoulder and head massage, followed by a hair massage during the shampoo. This was not a classic appointment at the hairdresser, but looked more like a day at the spa getting pampered. In the few moments I was waiting, I could enjoy the beautiful sunset on the bay, drinking my coffee and listening to the latest Céline Dion’s songs. Not bad.

beautiful sunset on walsh bay

For the haircut and colour, I got exactly what I wanted: natural cooper highlights with a haircut adapted to my curly and voluminous hair. I only showed a Pinterest picture and a vague description of what I wanted, but I couldn’t have expected a better result. Ommani completely understood what was my style and was really patient with my thick and long hair…

Before/After a cooper balayage, cut and blow dry
Before/After a cooper balayage, cut and blow dry

I strongly recommend this salon and will probably go back to try the other beauty treatments they propose: manicure, pedicure, facial massage… Oh, and after your first visit you will receive a blow-dry voucher! Book your appointment and see more information on their website.

So if you fancy a new winter style for your hair, but you’re not too sure what to try, here are 10 ideas for you, whether you have blond, brown, short or long hair! Forget the Fashion Week quirky styles, these are inspirations for you and me that we can wear more than a week.

  1. Burgundy highlights

Burgundy Highlights by Les Eclaireuses
Source: Les Eclaireuses
  1. Cooper balayage

Cooper Balayage on Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
  1. Sombre on dark brown hair

Sombre fied by Habit Salon
Source: Habit Salon
  1. Sunkissed Auburn

Sunkissed Auburn by Livingly
Source: Livingly
  1. Red Cooper Ombre Balayage

Red cooper ombre balayage by Watchoutladies
Source: Watch Out Ladies
  1. Dark Chocolate Honey Balayage

Dark chocolate Honey by styleskinner
Source: Styleskinner
  1. Pink Champagne Balayage

Pink champagne balayage by Feedpuzzle
Source: Feedpuzzle
  1. Icy Blonde Balayage Ombre

Icy blonde balayage by Off 7th
Source: Off 7th
  1. Gold Rose

Gold Rose by Marie-france group
Source: Marie-France Group
  1. Warm Blond Balayage

Warm blonde balayage on Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Written by Mathilde Gomez

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