Long Lashes – An Australian-made Eyelash Growth Serum Created By Two Aussie Mums

Two Aussie Mums Start Up A Six-Digit Beauty Business In 6 Months
Victoria Dezeraud

Lifestyle Writer

Dec 08, 2022

Long Lashes, is an Australian owned and made company, created by Felecia Tappenden and Belinda Robinson. Here Felecia tells us about their remarkable journey.

It’s been an absolute whirlwind and incredibly exciting to think that in less than one year, Long Lashes, the business I launched with my best friend Belinda reached six figures in just six months and we’re still growing fast.

Belinda and I first met when we both each owned businesses within the baby arena. We met at a baby expo and instantly clicked, from there we quickly became close friends, regularly catching up talking shop as well bonding on juggling full-time businesses and young families.

A few years down the track, we had both begun using eyelash growth serums after experiencing eyelash damage from the use of eyelash extensions. It was during one of our catchups and after some months of use, we both began suffering from red, itchy and irritated eyes despite the fact that we were both using two different products. With a bit of research, we realised the irritations were a result of using products with an ingredient with harsh side effects that is classed as a poison in Australia. Being entrepreneurial minded, it was a light-bulb moment for both of us and we set out to create an eyelash growth enhancer that was safe to use – low irritant and containing only approved ingredients.

We have made it our mission to challenge this industry because we believe consumers deserve to be informed about the products they’re using and deserve to use a product that is not only effective but is most importantly safe. Through our guts, persistence, and determination, we have spent countless months researching, creating and re-creating formulas, trialling serums on humans (not animals) to ensure our end product is true to our mission statement; an Australian-made eyelash enhancer that is safe, free of harmful ingredients with undeniable and incredible results.

Following this, we finally landed on a successful formula and the result was the Long Lashes product we have today.  An Australian-made, high quality, vegan, cruelty-free, growth hormone free, gluten free and gentle enough for the most sensitive eyes.

Although the process has had many challenges we wouldn’t change a thing. While we have faced many hurdles, we continued to push through and being able to have the support and motivation to do this with a close friend was really invaluable. We’re very proud about the product we have created, the feedback we have received from customers has been overwhelming, the confidence it has given women not only those with sparse or damaged lashes but also those who have gone through chemotherapy as well.

What started as a humble brand backed by a 20k Indiegogo campaign, has now grown to a fully fledged business that is now stocked in salons across Australia, as well as internationally in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Scandinavia. We have also added to the Long Lashes family with an eyebrow growth serum; Bold Brows, with more formulas in the pipeline.

More About Long Lashes

Long Lashes, is an Australian owned and made company, created by Felecia Tappenden and Belinda Robinson. After endless hours and money spent on lash extensions and various lash enhancement products, that made their eyes sensitive, red and had very little effect (except on their bank balance), they enlisted the help of a Cosmetic Chemist to develop their own eyelash enhancer to nourish, nurture and GROW lashes, making them appear longer, fuller and darker. After months of research and testing, they created Long Lashes, a growth-enhancing serum that repairs and strengthens lashes, leaving them longer and fuller in just 4 to 8 weeks. Best of all, its vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Following the success of Long Lashes, Belinda and Felecia have added to the family and launched brow serum, Bold Brows.



By Victoria Dezeraud

Lifestyle Writer

Victoria Dezeraud is a contributor for The Carousel and Women Love Tech.



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