Beauty, Business and Beyond: Life Lessons According To Trinny Woodall

Trinny London
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Nov 18, 2023

From makeover expert and author to founder & CEO of one of the world’s biggest beauty brands, when it comes to careers, there aren’t many hats that Trinny Woodall has not worn. 

And, so to celebrate the first episode of her Fearless podcast (the latest feather in her cap), we caught up with the entrepreneur officially known as Sarah-Jane Woodall to talk fashion choices, flawless skin and her fave fig-scented fragrance.

What To Wear (according to the woman who infamously told us What Not to Wear)

Given that Trinny infamously helmed the What Not To Wear franchise in the early noughties (partnering with her close friend Susannah Constantine to form the dynamic duo that was ‘Trinny and Susannah’), it is unsurprising that she has strong opinions when it comes to style. However, she does not believe that a one-size-fits-all is the right solution when it comes to curating a classic wardrobe. 

Instead, she says “My OOTD is reaching for a favourite when you don’t have the energy to be inspired so for me it’s about a colour and choosing one that you feel brings you back to life!”
A little intimidated to try a tone that’s out of your nude comfort zone? Don’t be. According to Trinny, “Many of us fear the flamboyant and can often avoid glorious but somewhat daunting pieces – my number one tip? It’s all about balance. By adding notes of colour with accessories and makeup, we can reinforce that connection between ourselves and our clothing. Suddenly, a strong piece can transform into a coordinated and fun look.”

Trinny London Beauty Brand

From the small screen to skin care

Following her start on the box, Trinny went on to launch her eponymous beauty brand Trinny London in 2017, focusing on premium, multi-purpose, personalised skincare and cosmetics.

When asked about her current skincare routine, Trinny reveals it’s a classic combo that leaves her radiant and ready to conquer the world, passionately advocating for the “Essential Five” as  a cornerstone of an effective skincare regimen

“Clean your skin. Exfoliate with a liquid exfoliant. Use an antioxidant. A retinoid. And SPF, ” trills Trinny. 

As for her specific product preferences, unsurprisingly many of her own products feature heavily.

First, she cleanses with the soothing touch of Be your Best and Better Off Cleansers, “A double cleanse is a must after a day of wearing makeup,” she says. Followed by a rejuvenating exfoliation session using Tip Toe in. Then, she gives her skin a powerful boost of Vitamin C with Boost Up Vitamin C before pampering it with the moisture-locking magic of Bounce Back Peptide Moisturizer. Her final step? Shielding her skin with a slap of See The Light SPF 50+.

Trinny Woodall Makeup

Moving onto makeup

In the quest for beauty, Trinny reminisces about some regretful choices she made during her youthful years. She ruefully recounts her days of ardently following the fake tan trend and seeking solace in a faux bronze glow as she battled UV damage and acne. However, with age comes wisdom, and today Trinny realises that embracing her natural flaws was the true path to confidence. As a result, she prefers to focus on enhancing her own features, and nominates some of her own products among her favourites to help her do so.

“I love the Lip2Cheek, because of the versatility of certain shades, I can put them on my lip, cheek and eye and I’m done for the day.” 

Among the other brands she adores, Trinny says  “I came across Bondi Wash when they had a pop up on Oxford St and I have been obsessed with their fig scent since.”

Beyond beauty

When it comes to spilling the rest of her wellness secrets, Trinny suggests it’s a combo of steps, supplements and sleep that support her efforts to maintain boundless energy.

“Exercise is an important part of my routine. Every day I’ll get up and workout with my trainer at home or take my new puppy for a walk,” she says.

“My supplement regime is also a step in my routine I’ll never miss, morning or night. In the morning i have 7-8 pills i take that all work together and in the evenings I’ll take 8-9 depending on what is needed.”

Her new podcast (which will feature interviews with famous faces such as Debra Messing and Jo Malone) will also see Trinny digging deep into the fears that can hold us back from our goals and sharing her inspirational attitude with the world. A huge focus will be answering listeners’ questions about how they can tackle their own challenges and live more fearlessly.

As our conversation winds down, we ask Trinny for the final words of wisdom for keeping her focused on the future “99% of everything you worry about never happens,” she says.  Apt advice for anyone who has ever taken their cues from the queen of transformation! 


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Marie-Antoinette Issa is a contributor for The Carousel and has worked across news and women's lifestyle magazines and websites including Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Madison, Concrete Playground, The Urban List and Daily Mail, I Quit Sugar and Huffington Post.



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