The End of Anti Ageing As We Know It?

Becky Peach-Davies

Beauty Writer

Oct 21, 2021

The term anti-ageing first became commonly used in the 80’s clearly signifying that the passing of time was a negative thing. But now there is a seismic shift challenging  this way of thinking.

According to Google the most skin related searches are not questions about anti-ageing but rather more of the quick fix answers that require the here and now . ‘How to get rid of acne?’’ topped the list, for instance, and this is quickly followed by ‘How to get clear skin?’ and ‘How to get rid of bags under your eyes?’


Could this be a social media driven obsession we are looking good right now? A 30 year old woman will have more photographs taken of herself in a day than her mother would in a year, so she clearly cares what her skin looks like now not in 10 years time.

The latest news hot off the press in London is the FACE GYM. The focus is on fast fix facials. Cleansing, Face masks and the new technique of massage to give your face a hard work out.

Quick fix facials put more focus on immediate results. Use of collagen face masks and peels are the choice of Millennials. The slow move away from eternal,youthful perfection to a spirit of positivity, confidence and psychological and emotional health are the buzzwords of the ever growing beauty industry now.

Skincare innovation is following in kind and Hyaluronic-acid-heavy and anti oxident packed formulations which make for softer smoother complexions are booming alongside UVA and UVB sun protection.


By Becky Peach-Davies

Beauty Writer

Beck Peach-Davies is a beauty writer.



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