7 Steps To Happy Skin And How To Deal With Pimples

7 Steps To Happy Skin And How To Deal With Pimples
Franki Hobson


Jan 07, 2024

Spots are a bit like a difficult relationship – if you don’t address the cause of the conflict they just won’t go away.

But with a bit of understanding, you can manage them and live happily ever after. Here, Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, gives some spot-on advice for understanding, managing and zapping pesky pimples, so you can walk down the aisle with a clear complexion and glowing skin. You glow girl!

Spotting the cause of the conflict…

“The two major causes of acne are stress and hormonal imbalance, including puberty and pregnancy,” explains Emma. But you can also get breakouts from:

  • Poor skin cleansing and exfoliation, which leads to congestion in the follicles.
  • Living in a polluted city, where the skin can become congested.
  • Using ingredients that can actually cause the skin to clog (comedogenic ingredients), such as foundations, bronzing powders, blushers, skin and hair care products, and even laundry detergents and fabric conditioners.
  • Skin friction from glasses rubbing on bridge of nose or your fringe across your forehead.
  • Poor diet and some medications.

Your Happy Skin Plan

  1. Partner up with the right products.

Use a range of skin care products designed for adult acne and skin prone to breakouts. Usually this range will contain antibacterial ingredients as well as anti-inflammatories and spot treatment products. Emma recommends: Dermalogica MediBac Clearing Skin Wash.

2. Don’t get clogged up.

Avoid all skin care and cosmetic products that contain comedogenic ingredients – these are ingredients that are known to cause blackheads and breakouts on the skin. So before any purchase, ensure each item states it’s non-comedogenic.

3. Invest your time in clean skin.

We tend to spend only seconds cleaning our skin – a quick rub around with a cleanser and a splash off with water, and that’s it! Cleansing is an important step in skin health and preventing breakouts, so dedicating a minute or two to it will be of great benefit. Cleansing removes the dirt, grime, dead skin cells and importantly, any sunscreen off the surface of the skin, preventing congestion and a dull, rough textured skin. Remember to cleanse into the hair line and around the ears and down the neck focus on areas of congestion.

4. Cleanse your sins, and cleanse again…

To get squeaky clean skin, use a pre-cleanse oil. Cleansing oils are a fantastic new type of product that you use ideally for your first cleanse, as they deliver a level of cleansing traditionally experienced in the professional treatment room. They work on the principle that like attracts like. The oil in the product attracts the oil as well as the dirt, make-up and debris on the skin surface. These are simply massaged into the skin with light fingertips. They help liquefy sebum without stripping the skin or compromising the barrier function. Therefore, when you wash off the cleansing oil you will thoroughly wash away all the dirt, surface oil and debris. This ensures your second cleanse, with your normal cleanser, really cleans the skin so it is squeaky clean. You will require even less cleanser for the second cleanse, and will really feel how clean the skin is. It’s similar to how the hair feels when you shampoo it twice. Emma recommends: Dermalogica PreCleanse

5. Clear out the old, and make way for the new!

Exfoliation is a key step in the treatment as well as maintenance of spots, as it helps keep the skin from becoming congested.  Avoid scrubs as they can spread the infection. Instead, try using Hydroxy Acids – in particular, Salicylic Acid (great for breakouts as it is a fantastic decongestant of follicles) or digestive enzymes (pineapple or papaya). Emma recommends: Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster

6. Don’t let hands wander

Keep your hands clean and away from touching your face to avoid bacterial spread.

7. Fill your life with goodness!

Take a supplement of Zinc (aids skin healing) and a healthy diet. Avoid processed foods, stimulants and high sugar foods.




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