Get The Perfect ‘Rosy Glow’: How To Use Cream Blush

Eleanor Pendleton

Beauty Writer

Sep 19, 2020

Want a youthful, dewy finish from your blush?  

Here’s how to use cream blush by beauty expert Eleanor Pendelton

Eleanor says in her how to video produced by The Carousel that ‘cream blush is a great alternative to powder blush as it gives a more dewy and youthful finish, this is particularly the case if you have dry skin.’

The best way to apply cream blush is actually using your fingers because the body heat helps melt the cream on your fingers. At first the colour might look a bit intense but just keep blending it into your skin. 

You can also pop a little bit on your lips. And that’s a great way to create a gorgeous dewy finish.

Tell us how you achieve your rosy glow below? What’s your favourite cream blush?


By Eleanor Pendleton

Beauty Writer

Eleanor Pendleton is a leading authority on all things beauty. The award-winning journalist has been published in some of world’s largest publications including Harper’s BAZAAR Australia and Cosmopolitan Bride. She has also served as Beauty Editor at magazines including InStyle and FAMOUS. Eleanor is responsible for editing the popular beauty website, Gritty Pretty. Here are her stories and videos during her time as The Carousel's Contributing Beauty Editor.


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