Hollywood Makeup Artist Glenn Nutley’s Top Contouring Tips

Glenn Nutley

Beauty Writer

Feb 02, 2022

Glenn: Today we are doing a story with Jodie Sweetin from the series Fuller House on Netflix.

So today Jodie is really interested in learning about contouring.

Jodie: I have a round face so I want to learn how to get a little bit of definition whilst still making it look natural and not really severe.

Glenn: So you get some shape without it looking drastic?

Today I am using this contouring pallet by Laura Mercier. It is a cream pallet, so we have started with a nice clean base of foundation and the first contour we are going to do is underneath the cheekbone. I am using the lighter shade at the moment.

I am basically going to draw a line straight along the cheekbone from underneath the ear. So we will continue this line slightly coming back up underneath the cheekbone at the front. You want to create a little bit of a Nike Tick, I call it.

Jodie: There is a cheekbone?

Glenn: We are going to push it right out. So there is a little dip there as well, we are going to blend it out so you won’t see it but it’s like a little tick mark. Ok good. There is a little dip there as well.

Now I am going to take a blending brush and I am going to take it up into the cheekbone so that you can’t see where the line starts and finishes. I also like to take a bit of contour across into the temple as well.

So now we are going to highlight to create a little bit of extra definition. I am taking this concealer pallet and I am using the lightest shade that has a slightly pink undertone and I am going to go across the top of the cheekbone. A little bit right in the centre of the chin, and down the top of the nose. Which you can pat with your finger.

Jodie: I am so excited to see what it looks like. Oh there is a cheekbone!

Glenn: The shape is slowly arriving.

We are going to switch from using all the creams to a powder. We are going to set what you have here at the moment with a translucent powder. So I won’t get rid of any of the definition that we have created and the highlights and the contours because this powder is basically see through. It is just going to hold it all in place.

I like to layer my contours so that they are not all cream or all powder and then they are less drastic in their appearance and we can just build on them.

So now I am going to do a powder bronzer. My favourite powder bronzer is the NARS Laguna because it is quite an ashy bronze.

I am using a fan brush to put it on because it gives it a really soft, subtle effect. It is easier to create the lines without having to fix your mistakes afterwards.

Now for the powder highlight. I am actually going to be using a shimmery kind of texture. This is a mac shimmer, I am just dusting it with a really soft brush, along the top of the nose, along the top of the cheekbone and a dash on the chin. All the higher points.

Jodie: Does it give it a bit of a sparkle?

Glenn: It gives it a bit of a sparkle but it is mainly there to create dimension. It is really going to lift it up and contrast the shadow that we put underneath the cheekbone. So be very careful when applying blush after you have contoured because it can actually flatten out the contours if you aren’t careful.

Jodie: I tend to have rosy cheeks that are always my concern.

Glenn: Well then it’s good for you to use a little bit of blush as well because then when the makeup starts to wear off, it will match your natural skin tone a little bit better. I am just going to use a very subtle pink and then just the tiniest little pop. Take a look.

Jodie: Oh that looks amazing. That looks really beautiful, really natural, but I feel like I have way more definition that I would ever have naturally with my cheekbones.

Glenn: Without it looking like it is drawn on right.

Jodie: That’s always the thing that I would be afraid of. I would have no idea how to do it myself, I feel like I definitely have learnt some things. I have tried to do it before but I looked like a Picasso painting. A weird art edge and an eye up here. It was not pretty, this is beautiful though. Now that you know the tricks though you should be able to do it at home.


Makeup/photography: Glenn Nutley

Model:Jodie Sweetin

Hair: Crystal Pray

Stylist: Shannon McClure

Producer/Director: BP Major


By Glenn Nutley

Beauty Writer

There’s a good reason why the name Glenn Nutley and the phrase “best in the business” are whispered on fashion shoots around the world – Glenn is much more than just a makeup artist. He is an artisan with an eye for creating the visually extraordinary.



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