Have You Tried a Back Facial (aka Bacial) Yet?

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Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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Nov 30, 2020

On my day off, I ventured out to my local beauty spot for a back facial (sometimes called a bacial). Although it was my first time having this treatment, I wasn’t nervous. I was just a little unsure what it was all about.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the name describes it perfectly. A back facial treatment involves a steam, cleanse, exfoliation and extraction. At the end, there is a clay mask for your back and then a finishing product.

The great thing about a back facial is that someone does all of the hard work and you can just relax and soak it in. Your back is one of those hard to reach places, so it’s a nice area to get pampered.

My beautician asked me a few questions about my health and back, and then we walked over to the nearby treatment room.

I took off my t-shirt, bra and shoes in the change room, then wrapped a large black sheet around myself. I had to lie face down on a massage table and try to relax.

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There were a number of different techniques used in a back facial. I felt different sensations – warm masks and towels alternating with cold lotions. The treatment started with a salty scrub to remove my dead skin cells. The products were applied with a light, gentle Swedish style massage.

Depending on whether the client has blackheads or whiteheads – these may be extracted. Back facials help to prevent back acne (aka bacne).

Did you know bacne is simply back acne?  It may be caused by excess oil or a build of dead skin cells. It may be related to your diet, lifestyle or hormones.

After the clay mask was applied to my back, my aesthetician gave me a light head massage to allow it to work and penetrate the skin. The mask was then removed with a hot towel.

Advantages of a back facial:

  • Moisturizes and cleanses the skin
  • Helps to treat any blocked pores and back acne
  • Improves circulation and promotes relaxation of back muscles

Different beauty spots may offer a range of different optional treatments. These may range from aromatherapy, clay masks, coffee grind exfoliations, and decadent chocolate masks.

The treatment itself went quickly and I felt relaxed, calm and invigorated afterwards. My skin felt hydrated and nourished.  

Highly recommended.

Have you tried a back facial yet?


By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Lifestyle Writer

Emma Crameri is a regular contributor for The Carousel and Women Love Tech. She is also the editor of the Brisbane-based food and lifestyle website Brisbanista.



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