Eat Your Way to Perfect Skin

Bannie Wiliams
Bannie Williams

Apr 26, 2022

The combination of using natural skin care products and implementing healthy dietary rituals, is the ultimate key to promoting a vibrant and consistent glow and to eating your way to perfect skin.

Embrace Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are the key when it comes to promoting nourished, plump skin.  Munching on almonds, avocados and quality oils including olive and coconut is a great way to ensure you are consuming the right levels of healthy fats in the diet.

Kick the Sugar

Refined sugar consumption can take a big toll on the appearance of our skin as well as trigger break outs and dullness. When the 3pm slump kicks in, ditch the chocolate bar and reach for whole and natural foods including nuts, vegetable sticks and fresh fruit. Not only will your skin be grateful, but your energy levels will remain more stable.

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We hear it time and time again, but hydration is absolutely vital when it comes to nourishing and hydrating the skin cells. Aiming to sip on 1-2L of water per day (this can also include green/white tea) will help ensure your skin remains hydrated.  Reducing anything which has a dehydrating effect on the body including coffee and salt in the diet can also prevent dryness.


Antioxidants are the diet power-house when it comes to promoting clear, vibrant skin. Antioxidants fight toxins and eliminate free radicals out of the body, which enables our organs to function at an optimal level. When our body is healthy on the inside, it shines on the outside. Antioxidant-rich foods include berries, bright coloured fruit, green leafy vegetables and super foods including acai.

Gut Health

The health of our digestive system can have a profound effect on the health of our skin. Taking a quality pro-bioitic supplement can help ensure the gut is full of healthy bacteria for optimal tummy health as well as assist with nutrient absorption to promote even healthier skin.

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Mind Nutrition

Research is continuing to demonstrate the profound relationship between the mind and its physiological effects on our body. We are all familiar with a stress-related breakout or developing emotional related skin inconsistencies. Try nourishing the mind with positivity and de-stressing rituals like meditation and yoga to help the immediate appearance of your skin.

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By Bannie Williams

Bannie Williams is a Nutritionist, former model and the founder of The Healthy Ingredient- a holistic nutritional consultancy based in Melbourne. Having since completed Nutrition and Food Sciences at University, Bannie is a powerhouse in the world of Nutrition. From nutrition writing, to health food recipe development, Bannie is all about holistic living. Bannie is the resident nutritionist for a number of publications including The Carousel and Cleo magazine. Bannie also practices as an Associate Nutritionist through her Melbourne based consultancy. All recipes and images posted on The Healthy Ingredient are Bannie’s delicious, clean creations all individually designed to have a superior nutritional profile.



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