Lara Worthington’s Incredible Beauty Secrets

Lara Worthington's Incredible Beauty Secrets
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Apr 05, 2018

My skincare routine…

My routine is simple yet smart for my skin. Cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream and my ‘can’t live without’ – my LB Cream, $24. It is a tinted moisturiser with a little bit more coverage than your regular tinted moisturiser. It also has SPF for sun protection. I wanted this cream to be a one-stop-shop – you get up and put it on and it meets all your needs.

You can use it instead of a moisturiser, or as well as. I also often use sunscreen under it. I have become really gnarly on sunscreen. I am always in the sun – whether in the snow or the beach and I had pigmentation showing, so now I protect as much as possible. I used to tan when I was younger and I’d have to cool my skin down with tomatoes afterwards!

The best trick to brighten up your face

I also make a scrub out of crushed up aspirin and lemon juice. It is really a great exfoliator and leaves skin so bright.

Lara Worthington's Incredible Beauty Secrets
Lara Worthington

Here’s how I stay looking fresh across so many time zones…

I do face masks on the plane. The hostesses look at me like I am crazy! When I get off the plane I try to go to a bathhouse – the water makes me feel better – not so jetlagged. Those are my two main things that I consistently do.

My solution to a bad hair day…

I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m a bit of a hat wearer, but I also find a centre part; spray of water and spritz of Sea Salt Spray seems to fix a sometimes-unruly mane. I do love having shorter hair though – it is so much easier! I also don’t condition my hair much at all – about once a week. It gives my hair so much more volume and texture and I just rely on my hair’s natural oils to keep it moisturised.

Behind my beauty brand The BASE…

I just wanted to start from scratch – to have it be my own thing that I paid for. There are no investors; I own it completely. I saved up (I stopped buying clothes and shoes!) and I studied business. The creative was always a passion but the business side is so important. In the past, I have left that up to other people, but I did not want to do that with this project.

I learned from other amazing businesswomen as well, who shared their tips with me. I learned from my mistakes, too – from what not to do in terms of business. It’s great to know every dollar that goes in and out.  

It’s taken about a year to put together the formulations and find people who want to create products that I want, not what they want. For instance with the Skin Illuminator Matte Bronze, $24, I wanted it to be minimal shine and then you could add highlight over that if you wanted to. I sent it back about 10 times because it was too shiny. I was a perfectionist and wanted things a certain way, so it took about a year.

I tried so many on Sam [husband, actor Sam Worthington] too! Especially the Gradual Tanning Lotion, $29, as he is very pale and I think it is best for paler skin types to use a gradual colour. Over four days his arms looked really great.

My favourite exercise…

I really enjoy outdoor activity! Schedules get busy but I jump on any chance I get to be outside and active. Wakeboarding with friends is a favorite past time. And of course hitting the slopes!

My biggest fashion splurge…
Balenciaga Shoes – but I gave up buying them to create my company! It was funny, when I first met Sam, he didn’t know what labels were or what tings were worth, so I set things at a really high level. I bought a pair of $600 shoes and he was shocked. I was like, “well, that’s just what they cost!” Now when I buy anything under $500, he thinks they are on sale!


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