How To Avoid Skin Breakouts This Easter

Quit the all or nothing approach and start eating moderately
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Mar 28, 2024

Emma Hobson, Education Manager of the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, gives her top tips on staying breakout-free this Easter… and no, you don’t have to cut chocolate out completely. Score!

1. Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate; dark chocolate contains cocoa polyphenols which are great antioxidants and contain more iron.

2. Ensure you have good levels of zinc, as it is essential in helping the skin heal a breakout. (Hint: you can go to the pharmacy for a zinc test, it’s quick and easy)

3. Stay away from sugar – and that includes hidden sugar in sauces such as tomato sauce. Sugar hardens our skin proteins such as collagen and causes trauma, which results in premature ageing of the skin.

4. Sugar can also promote acne by elevating blood sugar levels, resulting in a cascade of hormonal effects, including increased androgens (acne-causing hormones). This effect can stimulate excess oil flow, leading to clogged pores and breakouts.

5. Avoid foods with a high glycemic index (GI) such as popcorn as they can stimulate our sex hormones, resulting in breakouts.

What’s your best advice on having clear skin? Tell us in the comments below.


By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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