Everything You Need to Know About Finding Your Signature Scent

Finding your signature scent
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

Feb 20, 2024

Finding your signature scent goes beyond simply picking a perfect perfume or your favourite fragrance. It is in fact, an embodiment of your very identity, evoking memories and emotions with every whiff.

According to Lee Wakadia, store manager at Libertine Parfumerie, “A signature scent is your most worn scent. It’s a perfume that people associate with you [and tends] to be more common with people who have small collections or a person who has an absolute favourite which they love to wear every day.”

Signature scents v fragrance libraries

While the allure of a signature scent is undeniable, Lees actually suggests curating a diverse fragrance library. “I would always recommend that people build themselves a fragrance library because there are so many fantastic perfumes to love and enjoy,” he suggests.

“I do see the appeal in having a signature sent and having something that people remember you by. But, to me, it’s a much greater pleasure to build and enjoy your fantastic collection, depending on your mood and the moment,” he adds, before recommending at least four fragrances, you can tailor your scent to different feelings and occasions. These include, “a weekender, an everyday fragrance, a sophisticated scent for going out and one for very special moment in your life.”

Finding your favourite fragrance family

Regardless, selecting a signature scent (or scents!) requires careful consideration. “If you choose to select a signature scent, then it must be versatile,” advises Lee. It should seamlessly fit your lifestyle and cultural background. Alternatively, when building a collection, diversifying your selection across different fragrance families – floral, fresh, amber, and wood- is crucial to avoid monotony.

“It is very important to not accidentally purchase all of your favourites in one fragrance family,” adds Lee.

Eau de Occasion

Much like choosing an outfit, selecting a fragrance is a personal expression influenced by preferences and lifestyle. “Choosing perfumes is a lot like choosing clothes,” Lee remarks. Your scent should complement different events and moods, offering a versatile olfactory wardrobe.”

And, while some scents are better suited for am or evening wear, personal preference ultimately reigns supreme. “There are certainly some perfumes that are better suited to either daytime or nighttime. However, I don’t personally care too much If it’s day or night,” says Lee. “If I really want to wear a particular perfume, then that’s exactly what I will do. Otherwise, floral perfumes are usually great for the office or every day. Fresh perfumes are more suitable for casual weekends. Then amber and woody perfumes are elegant and sophisticated – perfect for evenings.”

Lee also suggests taking special occasions into account. “I have a perfume that I exclusively wear on my birthday called Roja Haute Luxe,” he adds.

Finding your signature scent

Techniques, tools and time for an olfactory education

To discover your signature scent, Lee recommends introspection and exploration. “Look at your lifestyle… Does this fragrance suit this criteria?” he advises. Utilising tools like Libertine Parfumerie’s Match My Fragrance can also assist in your olfactory journey, ensuring your scent resonates with your essence.

Alternatively, for those feeling overwhelmed by the options available, Lee recommends ones of Libertine Parfumerie’s masterclasses. “You can learn with our in-store or online Masterclasses as well as our On-Demand Masterclasses; a range of videos, from beginner to intermediate, to help you on your way to becoming a perfume expert! We are posting blog articles on our website. So check The Journal section to discover educational content. Lastly, check our Instagram account for inspirational and educational videos!”

Ultimately, for Lee it’s important to let your scent be a reflection of your unique identity. “With careful consideration and a willingness to indulge your senses, you’ll find a fragrance that resonates with your essence and leaves a lasting impression,” he adds.

Need a little support finding your signature scent? Enrol in an upcoming Masterclass at Libertine Parfumerie Sydney.


By Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Writer

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