10 Father’s Day Fragrance Gift Ideas (For every kind of Dad)

Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

Sep 01, 2023

When it comes to a present that dad will love, a good bottle of aftershave or Eau De Toilette makes excellent “scents”! Bad dad jokes aside, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect perfume for pa in our guide to Father’s Day Fragrance Gift Ideas. The kind that shows him you “nose” all about his favourite things!

The Corporate Dad

If your dad is an old-school office-goer, the easiest way to exemplify his professionalism is with a fragrance that complements his business acumen. Opt for a refined perfume with notes of leather and vetiver. Or, one that blends woods and spices, to project a sense of sophistication and authority in the board room and beyond.

Santal 33 EDP, from $159 by Le Labo at Mecca

Father's Day Fragrance Gift Ideas

The Adventurous Dad

If your Dad is all about adventure, fuel his passion with a fragrance that embodies exploration. Seek out a scent with a blend of woody and spicy notes. It will evoke the thrill of uncharted territories and fuel his appetite for the unknown with every spritz.

V.1 Freedom EDP, $125, by Map of the Heart at Sephora

Father's Day Fragrance Gift Ideas

The Active Dad

A dad that’s serious about sports needs a dynamic fragrance that resonates with his vibrant vibe. Invigorating notes of mint and citrus, are excellent at capturing his enthusiasm for energetic pursuits. And can become a motivational accessory, inspiring him to conquer new challenges – whether he’s working out at the gym or simply cheering on his favourite sports team on the small screen!

Wonderwood EDP, $180, by Comme Des Garcons at Mecca 

Father's Day Fragrance Gift Ideas

The Happy-Go-Lucky Dad

If your dad is know for his infectious laugh, quick wit or penchant for pranks he deserves a scent that celebrates his larger-than-life personality. To get you started, we suggest a fragrance that’s happy by both name and nature. Featuring fun citrus notes like mandarin orange and lime alongside fresh florals such as freesia, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose.

Happy for Men Cologne Spray, $102 by Clinique

The Travelling Dad

For the dad who considers the world his playground, a perfect perfume is one that complements his jet-setting lifestyle and evokes memories of distant shores and far-flung destinations. Opt for a scent inspired by his favourite holiday destinations. The kind that can help him discover his global goals and transport him to somewhere tropical (even if all you can actually afford to treat him to is an old-school breakfast!)

Naxos EDP, $399 by Xerjoff

Father's Day Fragrance Gift Ideas

The Classic Dad

For the dad who takes no notice of trends and instead finds comfort in the classic, choose a fragrance that echoes his timeless elegance. A fresh and clean scent, with hints of citrus, or sandalwood effortlessly aligns with his understated yet impactful style. And is as enduring as his favorite white tee.

Blanche EDP, $377 by Byredo at Mecca 

Father's Day Fragrance Gift Ideas

The Individual Dad

Celebrate his distinctive personality with a fragrance as unique as he is. Seek out a scent that combines various notes in unconventional ways. Like fresh accords, with touches of orange and wood – to honour his individuality and inimitable essence.

Myself EDP, from $48, by YSL Beauty

Father's Day Fragrance Gift Ideas

The Creative Dad

Nurture his artistic soul with a perfume that mirrors his imaginative nature. Opt for a fragrance that features unique blend of floral and musk tones, that capture his passion for creative expression.

Startdust EDT $119 by Recreation Beauty

The Untraditional Dad

After Father’s Day fragrance gift ideas for those celebrating an unconventional Dad’s Day? A gender-neutral scent that incorporates a range of notes – including the earthy, the woody, the floral, the fresh, the warm and the spicy – is an excellent option.

HIS/HER EDP, $45 by Who is Elijah at Sephora

Father's Day Fragrance Gift Ideas

The Practical Dad

If your father is the kind who likes his fragrance to be functional, then a scented oil is an excellent option. Not only will it leave it with a lingering scent, but it generally comes with ingredients designed to deliver skin – or beard! – care benefits.

Lemon Tart Beard Oil, $25 by The Groomed Co


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