Top Sydney Designers Share Race Day Tips For Autumn Carnival

Ginger & Smart Talk Fashion And Business
Victoria Webster

Mar 06, 2017

The Australian duo founded their renowned fashion and lifestyle brand Ginger and Smart in 2002, and these talented siblings are an example to entrepreneurial women worldwide.

The sisters began the company by combining Alexandra’s creative business background as an editor and publisher for lifestyle magazines with Genevieve’s years spent at the design helm of Australia’s most successful fashion businesses.

Together their vast expertise and industry knowledge have resulted in them being cemented as one of Australia’s most creative and unique businesses.

Their brand is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia and Ginger & Smart’s socially responsible and high quality fashion has a low impact on our global environment.

With a polished and elegant aesthetic that oozes glamour and confidence, it is only fitting that they are ambassadors for the 2017 Sydney Racing Carnival which runs from March 11 to April 15.

Ginger & Smart Talk Fashion And Business

What trends should we look out for this racing season?

Alexandra: There is a real trend of accentuating the waist. There are some really interesting corset belts and lace-ups. It is really lovely to add that to your dress and have some real structure going on. Pieces that come in at the waist are all about celebrating women, especially curves and beauty at all sizes.

Ginger & Smart Talk Fashion And Business

What are this season’s colours?

Alexandra: We love any pop of colour because it stands out and makes women look amazing. Specifically, mulberry tones, deep blues and rose golds are a must this season.

As sisters, do you have similar fashion senses?

Alexandra: We often turn up to work in the same outfit and have no idea why. Sometimes we are wearing an outfit that we had in our collection four years ago and somehow we both manage to choose it on the same day.

Genevieve: However, no one has the same taste, all women are different. What is great is when different ideas and fashion senses come together.

How do you prepare for an event like the races? Do you start a new exercise regime or change any habits?

Alexandra: I think the industry we have to be match fit all the time anyway. Physically and mentally, it is important to stay well and look after your body. We are all about good skin as well. Being healthy on the inside is the number one priority.

Genevieve: Yoga is a big part of my life and I love to eat organic food. If I can keep on top of those two healthy habits then I am happy.

Ginger & Smart Talk Fashion And Business 4

What is your favourite beauty product and any tips for the races?

Alexandra: We mix it up a little bit.

Genevieve: There is no product or brand that we are particularly aligned to. Our best tip for makeup at the races is to keep it natural. It is important to not be too over the top with makeup at the races because it is a daytime event with natural light.

What is in your handbag on race day? 

Alexandra: Definitely my mobile and a great lipstick and pair of sunnies. You don’t need much these days.

Ginger & Smart Talk Fashion And Business 7

How is working with your sister?

Alexandra: Honestly, we are very fortunate.

Genevieve: It is a great relationship. We both have different skills and we come together on a lot of things. Our relationship is very much about communication.


By Victoria Webster

Victoria Webster is a contributor for The Carousel. She began her journalism career by studying Media and Communications at The University of Sydney.



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