Three Trends In One Look: Emma Stone’s Fabulous Dress

Emma Stone
Nedahl Stelio

Lifestyle Writer

Aug 19, 2020

All hail Queen Emma! Just take a look at her beautiful leather dress.

It encompasses a number of trends. Firstly, of course, the leather. Remember when leather used to be all tough and hard and we’d have to go to Greece or Italy to buy the best, softest leathers? Not anymore. New technology and treatments have made leather soft and light, to be used like any other fabric. It’s showcased brilliantly here with structured pieces around the bustline, but beautifully gathered about the waist with a belt, falling to mid-calf.

Which brings us to our next trend, the midi-length. On the hanger, it seems unwearable, especially for those who are petite or larger, or both. But it is. Try it on – with heels, never flats – and be pleasantly surprised. It can slim the leg because it finishes at a narrow point on the leg, just before the calf muscle bellows out, so can be flattering on most women.

I would never recommend an ankle strap however, like Emma Stone has dared do. It does bring us to our third trend: busy-ness on the foot, but is to be worn with caution. Emma gets away with it ‘cos she is the size of a small bird and probably eats like one too, but the rest of us should try a few options on before instantly running with this look. Yes, a thick ankle strap is lovely, but with a midi length can make your legs look stumpy. You have been warned.

Finishing touch? Luminous skin. Emma looks like she’s had a good scrub down (or microdermabrasion on her entire body!) with moisturiser literally poured over the top. Lovely.


By Nedahl Stelio

Lifestyle Writer

Nedahl Stelio was previously editor of Cleo magazine and has been an editor at Cosmopolitan, Good Food and the Fairfax 'Health' section and a contributor for The Carousel. She wrote the book Mojo Mama Secrets. Now Nedahl is the founder and owner of Recreation Beauty.



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