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melbourne fashion week
Danielle Johansen

Fashion Writer

Nov 17, 2021

Danielle Johansen is the CEO and Founder of Threadicated which offers an online end to end personal styling experience delivered to your door. Here, she explains why she loves Melbourne Fashion Week, what we can expect and shares the latest fashion news.

Is it just me who feels like each new season is filled with so much hope, and excitement? I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the change in weather means a change in wardrobe. Everything I have been wearing for the past few months feels tired and gets shoved into storage. The rest comes out of storage and after everything is pressed and hanging in its assigned place for the season I can start to see the gaps last year’s style just isn’t filling. Then like a prayer from above along comes Melbourne Fashion Week, inspiring me with styles I never knew I needed, but trust me I do.

MFW Photographer Naomi Rahim Plaza runway featuring Acler

With Melbourne Fashion Week kicking off this week, I am excited to see collections from leading and emerging Australian designers in unique spaces. This year they will be featuring city-wide runways in iconic Melbourne locations, Federation Square, the aquarium, and the royal botanic gardens. Along with combining my two favourite things – food and fashion, for a runway and dining showcase featuring feminine details, playful prints and a fresh take on ready-to-wear staples.

Leo Lin is a show that always inspires with looks inspired by the Australian landscape. She finds the perfect balance between old world meets new, and masculine meets feminine.

Fashion Week

Australian fashion royalty, Ginger and Smart influence the season with designs for spirited women. Always offering a sense of cool confidence and discovery that underpin the luxury contemporary design aesthetic of each collection.

Fashion Week

It is positive to see the industry moving in the right direction towards inclusive sizing and models. Collective Closets and Harlow are a few who will be showcasing their collections at MFW offering sizes 8- 26.

Fashion Week

Ngali is a designer with a lot of buzz and it is easy to see why. Ngali designs each silhouette to celebrate the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks adorning the garment.

Fashion Week

After months of lockdown and yoga pants it is time to treat yourself to some style. Get behind our talented Australian designers, and look fabulous doing it.


MFW photographer NaomiRahim SecretGarden Nevenka
MFW photographer Naomi Rahim SecretGarden runway featuring Nevenka

What’s on today

Day three will see Pop Up Runway 2 focusing on the themes of self-determination in action and Blak voices through fashion, this runway will showcase a diverse selection of established and emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brands.

Akira at Melbourne Fashion Week

This evening will see a Melbourne Fashion Week first – SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium’s mesmerising underwater world acts as the backdrop for a once-in-a-lifetime runway experience.

Slow fashion and sustainability will be in focus at the Aquarium Runway with local designers to be featured including ELK, búl, SZN and Sister Studios.

Melbourne Fashion Week runs from 15 to 21 November and features more than 250 designers and 300 retailers across more than 100 different events and sessions.

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By Danielle Johansen

Fashion Writer

Fashion advocate Danielle Johansen, founded Threadicated, an online personal styling service that uses the expertise of a personal stylist, combined with technology to create a truly personalised styling experience.



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