Your Parisian Style Fairy Godmother: Caroline De Maigret

Caroline De Maigret
Hannah Lising-White

Hannah Lising-White

Jan 16, 2022

Caroline de Maigret, an author, Chanel model, music producer and Lancôme muse says: “Fashion should never take over your personality.”

You can invest in a trend but it still needs to work for you and your wardrobe. People say the Parisian look is effortless, but it takes years to achieve this effortless style.

Finding the colours and cuts that suit you best takes time. Once you’ve figured that out, then you can add a few exciting pieces each season.”

If you’ve ever dreamt of dressing like a true Parisian (who hasn’t?!) go watch these: Denim DressingParisian Styling and Winter Magic.

“Caroline has the je ne said quoi that is ubiquitous with the Blue Illusion customer where she doesn’t take herself too seriously, prides herself on her imperfections and has a light-hearted approach to fashion.

She also has a wicked sense of humour, which comes with age and confidence,” says Co-Founder and Creative Director of Blue Illusion, Donna Guest.

The new collection features wardrobe staples in luxurious wools, cottons, silks, and a new denim collection that focuses on ‘amazing shape and fit’.

The campaign echoes the timeless French aesthetic and offers the perfect base to live out your Parisian style dreams. Those wide words from Caroline, “Lightness, fun and joy.”


By Hannah Lising-White

Hannah Lising-White

Hannah Lising-White is The Carousel's fashion and lifestyle contributor.



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