Latest Jewellery Trends 2019 from the Fashion Runways

Jewellery Trends 2019
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Mar 07, 2019

One of the easiest ways to show off your fashion consciousness is with trending jewellery. However, there are so many new and returning jewellery trends that it can be quite hard to follow them all. So, here’s a little reminder of what we saw on the 2019 runways. Pick a trend you like and don’t hesitate to try it out. 

Sea-inspired pieces 

Jewellery Trends 2019

No matter if it’s sunny or not, this beach-inspired trend can be seen all over the world.  Shells were especially dominant in 2018, but it seems that designers are still obsessed and have no intentions to retire this motif. From Anna Sui’s colourful shells to Oscar de la Renta’s coral reef pendants and Missoni’s mismatched seashell hoops, runways are overflowing with marine life. Conch shells are still in, but in 2019 choose oversized shell details for a fresh look. Shells are such a unique element that’s both elegant and chill, so you can wear your beach-inspired jewellery to practically any occasion. 

Open-cuff jewellery

Jewellery Trends 2019

Do you love chokers? Well, here’s a trend you’ll simply adore. Open-cuff necklaces are choker’s glam and elegant cousin that’s quickly taking over the runways. Fendi opted for a colourful enamel while Dior opted for branded open-cuff jewellery. If you love the idea but don’t really wear necklaces, there are open-hoop earrings that are also trending. Both trends are an amazing addition to your couture wear and a perfect way to spice up your timeless little black dress. 

Coin jewellery 

Jewellery Trends 2019

We have been seeing coin necklaces, bracelets, and belts, but 2019 will be the biggest year so far when it comes to this trend. You can go quite minimalistic with single-chain coin charms like Oscar de la Renta or layer your look with piles of coin chains in different lengths like Paco Rabanne. And don’t be scared to mix and match metals. A Florence-inspired gold necklace will go hand in hand with its silver counterpart.  

Simple and minimalist

Jewellery Trends 2019

Today’s hectic world has inspired people to seek out simplicity and calming minimalism that will allow them to create sophisticated yet fuss-free looks. This minimalist trend is taking over even when it comes to jewellery. For instance, Burberry is pushing simple cuffs in all of their runways for spring/summer 2019. If cuff bracelets aren’t your style, you can opt for discrete yet sensual helix earrings that will give you an elegant and subtle touch of rebelliousness. Helix earrings are beloved even by celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Rhianna and Beyonce and they look especially stylish when paired with a minimalist outfit and an elegant bun for a nice contrast. 

Bulky chain necklaces

Jewellery Trends 2019

If your style is anything but subtle and minimalist, you can rejoice because chunky chains are back! They were huge in the 80s, but now they’ve returned bigger and more unusual than ever before. Think exaggerated shapes, interesting textures and glam finishes. On the runways, chains were all the rage: Miu Miu opted for long and heavy chains, Balenciaga chose Alpine-inspired pieces while Chloé picked out doubled-up chains. They look amazing paired with a simple and elegant blouse for chic contrast. 

Dripping crystal 

Jewellery Trends 2019

Another blast from the past is definitely dripping crystal earrings. They made their first comeback on Spring 2019 runway and they quickly took over the world of fashion and Instagram. Even Ariana Grande took kindly to the look and sported a pair of flowing over-the-top earrings in her new hit video “7 Rings”, so you know the trend has a bring future. If you’re often described as “extra”, bold dripping crystal earrings, bracelets and necklaces will be a perfect addition to your accessory collection. They also look amazing with everything from jeans and t-shirt to cocktail dresses, so you’ll get plenty of chances to show them off.  

Nostalgic hearts

Jewellery Trends 2019

Designers are feeling very nostalgic this year. Chunky, oversized hearts inspired by the 80s are beloved by everyone from Balenciaga to Escada and showing up on every Instagram feed. This trend might not be the freshest and most revolutionary jewellery trend out there, but it’s so much fun. 

Neck bags

Jewellery Trends 2019

Ever since belt bags made their return, the trend moved its way to our chests and finally to our necks. In 2019, we will find a tiny pouch over every neck. Gabriela Hearst and Loewe premiered this look in their Spring 2019 presentation and everyone seems to love this practical and quirky trend. It’s perfect for both nights out and casual walks, especially if your clothing never seems to have any pockets. 

Logo pieces

2018 was all about bold logos, but the trend is definitely not over. As a matter of fact, it’s just getting started when it comes to jewellery. Chanel is going all in and putting its name on everything from earrings to belts. Dior and Balenciaga are also into this look, so expect to see more and more of it every day. 

Some new and some old, 2019 has a lot to show in the jewellery department. Pick something that fits your aesthetics and see how you feel adorn in one of these new trends. 

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