The Sexy Pre-Wedding Gift Brides Are Giving Grooms

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Franki Hobson


May 04, 2021

Bridal trends come and go, and some stay happily ever after. But this surprising betrothed trend is one you may have missed. It’s a secret trend. A pre-wedding gift brides are arranging behind closed doors, with the intention that only the groom will ever see it. It’s called ‘For His Eyes Only’, and it’s a beautifully presented leather bound book filled with pages of the glamorous bride wearing lingerie. Former model, make-up artist and photographer Simona Janek is the creative genius behind the concept, which has gained great momentum. “Brides want to give their partner something special, sexy and unique as a gift before the wedding,” explains Simona, who styles the brides, does their make-up and photographs them, before collating the images into the bound book. “The idea is that it’s a personal keepsake for the groom, with stunning shots of the bride, often wearing lingerie. The concept is that it’s for his eyes only – a personal, sexy gift for the groom given on the wedding day.” Here’s what you need to know about the sexy pre-wedding gift brides are giving grooms…

The Sexy Pre-Wedding Gift Brides Are Giving Grooms

How did you come up with the idea, For His Eyes Only?

“I’ve been doing fashion style portraits for women for many years, and sometimes we shoot lingerie images. I also have a wedding hair and make-up business, and this was an idea I developed for my brides that come for a trial to my studio and see the photos I take hanging on the walls.They love the shots I create, and let’s face it, every girl want a Victoria Secret style shot of herself! Often women look and feel their best before a wedding so I thought, why not capture that for him, and the bride. The name, ‘For His Eyes Only’, comes from a James Bond film, and I thought it was very befitting.”

The Sexy Pre-Wedding Gift Brides Are Giving Grooms

Why the big bridal attraction?

“Photography is everywhere now – girls are taking selfies and posting their images online – but this is something they can’t do themselves. It’s a whole pamper experience like a fashion shoot – they have their hair and make-up done, clothing styled and photographed in a fashion editorial style, not the old fashioned ‘glamour photography’ way.”

How do Grooms respond?

“They love it and are usually very surprised. One of first comments or questions the girls get asked is, ‘Which man saw and photographed you like this?’ The grooms are relieved when they realise the photos were taken by a woman!”

The Sexy Pre-Wedding Gift Brides Are Giving Grooms

How is it different to glamour photography?

“It’s contemporary and more fashion but still beautiful portraiture that doesn’t date.”

What’s can a bride expect at the shoot?

“I have a private day light studio in Leichhardt, NSW. The bride comes in, her hair and make-up done, and they bring around five clothing options. I also have vintage pieces, lingerie, dresses and accessories we can add to what they bring. From there, we work out the look we are going for. Sometimes the client shows me photos of styles they like in terms of feel and mood, if they have something specific in mind they want captured. The photo shoot takes around two hours and is a very relaxed, private studio space. I direct them on how to stand and pose, and talk them through every step. My clients are not models and it’s not their job to be photogenic – it’s my job to guide them the whole way through. I also have female assistant, so it’s all very friendly and comfortable. We have lots of fun!

The Sexy Pre-Wedding Gift Brides Are Giving Grooms

The cost?

“The package is $1795 and includes hair + make up, photoshoot, a reveal and album design session. The book is 6×8 inches, leather to linen cover with images over 16 sides. All photos are professionally retouched and you also receive a copy of your book images on a USB.

The Sexy Pre-Wedding Gift Brides Are Giving Grooms

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