Mimi Elashiry: “My New Swimwear Label & Life In Byron Bay”

Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Oct 11, 2015

The story behind my brand name ‘Cheeky Swim’…

The team and I collectively thought that this was a fairly apt name and a good play on words. I have a cheeky aspect to my personality and I love to wear very cheeky swimmers – I get funny tan lines otherwise!

The design process…

It was really fun to draw up each design; I originally had about 25 and worked with the team to narrow it down to a marketable and cost-effective range which was an awesome learning experience for me. I chose colours that I thought resonated with both my style and my audience.. there’s soft pastel colours that will suit different skin tones, and the ‘Pieces of Me’ print is inspired by Moroccan mosaic tiles.

I absolutely loved designing the collection, I’d love to produce a clothing label that sells all recycled and vintage pieces.

Mimi Elashiry: "My New Swimwear Label & Life In Byron Bay"

The inspiration…

I gathered some images of sport and swimwear shoots from the 70s and 80s, and so the inspiration came from that. The frilly and flowing aspect of my designs were a touch of my personality and my desire for comfortable, freeing clothing.

The campaign shoot…

It was shot at Belongil Beach in Byron Bay. It’s my new home, I live just around the corner from it. I’m there from sunrise to sunset most days, it’s a truly magical place.

Mimi Elashiry: "My New Swimwear Label & Life In Byron Bay"

Style my pieces with…

I would wear the black one-piece with a top and some high waisted vintage culottes. The black bikini you can wear under any top. And I would wear the white crochet halter as a top with my Levi’s jeans, or pair it with some denim shorts.

Get beach-ready with….

Organic coconut oil for your body, invisible nano-free zinc for the face, and a sarong.

Mimi Elashiry: "My New Swimwear Label & Life In Byron Bay"

My favourite beach in the world…

I love Whites Beach in Broken Head – it has beautiful volcanic rock formations and pools and the ocean is as clear as cyan crystal mermaid pools.

How I’m spending this Summer…

I will be hanging in Byron and bouncing around Sydney, doing my usual… beach-hopping, going to yoga, drinking smoothies and soaking up the summer sun. I will also be attending a few festivals over the new year period – Lost Paradise and Rainbow Serpent.

Photography by Simon Upton. Read more stories on Mimi Elashiry here, and shop the collection from Glue Store here.

Mimi Elashiry: "My New Swimwear Label & Life In Byron Bay"


By Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

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