How To Get Grace Kelly’s Fashion Style

How To Get Grace Kelly's Fashion Style
Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

Jan 11, 2023

With her beautiful blonde hair and impeccable taste in fashion, Grace Kelly is undoubtedly a true Hollywood icon who lived a picture-perfect Princess life. Here, fashion stylist Emma Read reveals the key buys to revamp your wardrobe for a graceful and timeless wardrobe just like Grace Kelly’s…. yes, even the Hermes bag.

Grace Kelly - The Glam Slicked Back Look
Grace Kelly – The Glam Slicked Back Look
Crisp Shirts & Buttoned Cardigans

“The equivalent of a white t-shirt for Grace, she paired sharply tailored shirting and knits – both short and long-sleeved – with everything,” says fashion stylist Emma Read. “From casual trousers to tulle skirts, these ran the gamut of Grace’s wardrobe (as they should yours, too).”

Full Skirts With Flair

“She disliked very short skirts (‘After all, who has pretty knees?’), so it was long and voluminous all the way,” says Emma. “A quick, no-fuss way to add shape to her narrow frame, this style took her from casual to glamour in a flash.”

Shift Dresses

“Simple yet effective – this was the Grace ethos all the way. A selection in cottons and silks make day-to-night dressing a breeze (particularly with an Hermes bag on your arm).”

Midi Pumps & Sandals

“Smart, practical and stylish – these tick all of Grace’s boxes. A pointy or almond-toe midi pump or open-toe sandal allows all the refinement of a heel with the added bonus of actually being able to move around in comfort.”

Hermes Kelly Bag

“It is her namesake, after all. Hermes officially named the bag after Grace in 1977 and rightly so, as it had been some years since she popularised the style. If it’s ever such a stretch price-wise, think in terms of the shape in general and ensure the hardware has longevity. Any look can be elevated with a quality leather handbag.”

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By Iantha Yu

Beauty Writer

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