The Best (And Worst) Things To Wear To A Music Festival

The Best (And Worst) Things To Wear To A Music Festival
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Jul 23, 2018

The sun is shining and our favourite music festivals are kicking off, and if you are lucky enough to score tickets to any of them, we’ve got some top tips on festival gear and what to take for the big day out.

Here’s our list of festival essentials with, of course, some celebrity shots to inspire your outfit.

  1. Lush Light Case

They’re an essential if you want to get the perfect selfie. Try this beauty out and you’ll never need to worry about getting the lighting right to score the best picture with your friends.

Lush Light Case

  1. Cross-body bags:

Don’t kid yourself that you won’t need a bag. You most definitely will! You’ll be at the festival for the better part of the day and night so will need supplies like a phone, lip balm and money.

  1. Sunglasses:

You’ll start during the day, which means a pair of sunnies that will block the sun’s rays while also allowing you to perve without being noticed. Double bonus.

  1. Hat:

This isn’t necessarily an essential for everyone, but it does work in three ways. A) It adds to ordinary jeans and a t-shirt, miraculously turning them into an “outfit”. So if you just feel like wearing jeans, take a hat along for the ride too. B) it will shade you from the winter sun. C) It will protect your face (and your makeup) if it starts to rain without notice.

  1. Denim:

It’s the easiest thing to dress up or dress down. Wear jeans, denim shorts, overalls or a jumpsuit and you know you’ll never be on a fashion miss list.

Best Things Wear Music Festival

6. Seating:

It’s a long day so don’t forget to think about comfortable seating. We suggest the highly portable blow up lounge, Cloud9 Lounge. You simply pack it in your carry bag – it packs so light. Check it out here.


What NOT to wear

  1. Heels! They will dig into the grass and annoy the bejeezus out of you. Plus you will look like a right tool. If you are pint-sized and want height, go for wedge sneakers or hidden wedge boots.
  2. Butt-cleavage shorts! Put some clothes on please or at least wear opaques with them.
  3. Suede! We know it looks great, but think about the rain, the mud, and the fact that once suede is dirty, it’s dirty for life.
  4. A too-short skirt! Or anything that you can’t sit cross-legged on the ground in. The thing to keep in mind about festivals is to dress so you look good, but are also comfortable in absolutely any position. So if you want to lounge, you can lounge with impunity.


By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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