Ballet, Sneakers, Makeup & Glam Fashion Is An Aje Thing

Hannah Lising-White

Hannah Lising-White

Oct 11, 2020

Edwina Forest, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Aje, recently teamed up with Minenssey Skincare for Aje’s Resort 21, Chroma Collection.

‘‘The Aje design philosophy embraces artisanal and curated sensibilities. This ethos not only is reflected through that which you wear and how it makes you feel, but also the holistic importance of your inner and outer worlds. As Aje’s official skin care partner for Resort 21, Minenssey harnesses and speaks to the natural world that is abundantly referenced throughout our collection ‘Chroma’.”

Edwina Forest, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Aje says:

But it’s not just makeup that Aje’s cofounder gets excited about as The Carousel discovered when we previously caught up with her about the brand’s collaboration with the Australian Ballet. Here we talk to Aje co-founder Edwina Robinson about her inspiration for fashion, ballet and even sneakers.

Ballerina Beautiful: What was the inspiration behind ballet dancer Benedicte Bemet’s dress a few years ago?

“The Lady Valentine Dress, made from a structured French lacewas inspired by the elegance, sophistication and femininity of a ballet dancer. Accordingly, the style suited Benedicte and the occasion to a T!”

The Australian Ballet Dancer Of The Year Is…
Winner of the Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards 2015, Benedicte Bemet, wearing the Aje ‘Lady Valentine Dress’.

Let’s Collaborate: What did you enjoy most about collaborating with Benedicte Bemet and the Telstra Ballet Dancer Awards videos?

“We loved getting to know Benedicte – she is a beautiful soul, with an incredibly strong mind and body who has achieved so much at such a young age. It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of this great Telstra initiative. Telstra nurture a wonderful balance between the traditional and modern ballet sentiments, which is refreshing to see. As a company, Aje is very interested in supporting Arts & Culture, so it was the perfect collaboration for us to be involved in.”

Edwina Ballerina: Did you do ballet as a young girl? 

“Yes – and this collaboration made me wish I had stuck it out! I think at some point we all aspire to the childhood dream of being a ballerina but then we realise it takes a particular type of dedication – it’s definitely not at all for the faint-hearted!”

A Muse Thing: Aje clothing and accessories have a very distinct look. Who’s your muse?

“Adrian and I have many muses for our collections, however, Aje is more about a feeling than an aesthetic. It’s about a sense of confidence –  a confidence to embrace and own your own sense of style. We definitely know what we like and are inspired by so each collection becomes an extension of this.”

Edwina Robinson

Hot Fashion: What’s your no: 1 summer staple?

“The Aje Ivory Dolce top. I love the linen fabrication and the simple off-the-shoulder versatile design. It looks great with high-waisted flares, a high-waisted leather or denim skirt or even with salty hair and beach towel thrown over my shoulders!”

Aje Ballantyne Dress

Summer Style: What’s your styling approach? 

“My styling during summer tends to be effortless and basic – lots of natural textures, a black, white and neutral colour palette with comfortable pieces that can carry me through day to night.

“Summer is about feeling comfortable, and free. The Aje aesthetic is very natural and effortlessly beautiful. Accordingly, summer is one of our favourite times of the year as our natural luxe linens and cottons are given their chance to shine!”

Aje Liberty Maxi Dress

Cool V’s Glam: What’s your pick – sneakers, glam dress or both? 

“Aje is about ‘effortless glamour’, which is very different to the traditional version of ‘glamour’.  We love the juxtaposition of a sophisticated evening mini dress being worn with a denim shirt tied-around the waist and a tough biker boot. Aje aims to tailor its style to be worn causally throughout the day and into the evening – perhaps the only thing you need to change is your choice of shoe. It’s all about the styling. Accordingly, despite not being much of a sneaker person myself, I love the concept of them and of what they can do to an outfit.”

Aje gowns

Details, Details: What’s your favourite accessory for summer?

“We love sunglasses, and are very into the cat eye look this season! Our recent collaboration with Bailey Nelson experiments with this sophisticated classic shape, in a range of unique summer-hued colourways with brushed rose-gold hardware.”

Closet Confidence: What does confident styling mean to you? 

“Confidence in styling to us is all about being unique and not buying into the latest trends. We’re all about working in the new with the old, to create beautiful modern looks.”

“Absolutely – this is what our upcoming AW16 collection is all about. The nature of masculinity and femininity are constantly changing, and as a modern, culturally informed label – we strive to embrace these changes. I personally tie this into my style through paring rough textured, oversized leather jackets and man-style tees with feminine, embellished mini skirts and a classic heel.”

Global Domination: Tell us about your plans to open a store in LA?

“We think LA is the perfect launch pad for Aje in the US – the sun, the active lifestyle and the vibrant culture align very closely with our essence and aesthetic. Sydney and LA are often compared to one another – so we have no doubt we will connect with consumers over there in the same way we do here.”


By Hannah Lising-White

Hannah Lising-White

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