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Trudy Vains

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Jan 23, 2024

Summer is called ‘wedding season’ for a reason!  Many couples choose to get hitched outdoors during Summer because the sky is blue, the grass is green, the gentle breeze, and there is a calmness that flows through, it’s just beautiful. 

The weather (for the most part) for outdoor ceremonies is quite good, extended hours of daylight which means you can party for longer, get great photos, and let’s not forget the range of outdoor spaces to choose from, and they all have the most amazing backdrops!  What more could you ask for?  Well not everything always goes to plan, the heat can be overwhelming!

woman in a wedding gown

Let’s look at some amazing outdoor spaces to hold a wedding;




Back yards




All of these please are beautiful, but Summer ‘can’ be a bit brutal with the heat (especially December in Brisbane).   So it depends on the time of day that you hold your outdoor ceremony, that will determine if you need to have some essentials ready for your wedding party, guests, and vendors.

Here are some tips on how to keep everyone happy.


Shade is very important at summer weddings, especially with typically long ceremonies.  It doesn’t matter if you are standing or seated, everyone will turn as red as beetroot if there is no shade.  Just think of how everyone will look in your photos.  Stand under a tree, hire a marquee, or have umbrellas handy for everyone, this will bring comfort.

Hydration Station

On a hot day, hydration is important, and needs to be close by.

You might like to set up a Hydration station, with buckets full of ice cubes, and drinks tucked in nicely. It’s a good option to have a few different ideas as not all guests like just plain water, try some ice tea flavours, lemonade, electrolyte drinks are some great options for ways to beat the heat, and quench your thirst.

Drink dispensers are fantastic on table tops, you can fill these with anything you like, from water to champagne, whatever takes your fancy.

Paper fans

Have a basket filled with paper fans, It’s a great way to ensure everyone stays cooler during the proceedings.  There are some really funky themed ones out there, heart shaped, 4 leaf clovers, colour of choice, why not personalise them?  The best part is that your guests can take them home to re-use at any time.

Heart Shaped (or themed) Sunglasses

Who doesn’t love heart shaped sunglasses!  You end up with some fun photos at the end of the day!  They are easy to source and you can theme with colours, bling, you name it you can probably get it.  If heart shaped is not your thing, that ok its just an idea to get you thinking about what would suit your day.

Parasols or umbrellas

Some form of shade is the best way to protect everyone from the hot summer sun.   Having umbrellas or parasols on hand scattered around, or placed in a tall vase, makes it easy access for your guests.  Try to not have the clear umbrellas, as these will not ensure good sun protection. 

Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

Slip, Slop, Slap, yes even at a wedding, no need to get burnt when you can have sun screen at the ready.  Summer also brings along the mozzies and bugs with it, depending on what time of the day, and the environment you are in (nobody wants to get eaten alive) so insect repellent is the perfect answer.

Oh and some wet wipes, they cool the skin.

Plan B – air-conditioned venue

Plan B is a pre-arranged indoor venue for ‘wet weather’ occurrences, but why not have a Plan B in case the weather is too hot!  Moving your ceremony, and guests, into an indoor airconditioned room, will guarantee a more comfortable experience for all.

Summer weddings can be truly amazing and magical, your day can flow much nicer if you just follow some really easy tips, there are many other things you can do, but start here and add on.  Ask your guests beforehand what might make them more comfortable on your big day.

Trudy Vains
Trudy Vains is a wedding celebrant based on the Gold Coast, you can contact here here:

Enjoy planning your wedding!


By Trudy Vains

Yoga Expert

Trudy Vains is an Author, Yoga Teacher, and APP creator. Trudy’s book, 'Fused,' provides inspiration and a positive mindset in overcoming challenges. Trudy’s APP - 'Back Happy Yoga,' provides classes for mobility issues, back aches and pains, and stretches you can do at your desk.



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