LA Designer Anine Bing’s Design Inspiration

Renee Bargh


Feb 28, 2022

Watch our exclusive interview with LA based Danish designer Anine Bing with presenter Renee Bargh about Anine’s Design Inspiration.

Mother, musician, former model and fashion designer Anine Bing gathers inspiration for her clothing and accessories collection from all aspects of her life in Los Angeles.  Here she talks about with The Carousel’s Renee Bargh about what influences her designs.

Anine Bing's design inspiration
Anine Bing’s design inspiration

“I love LA, there’s so many flea markets here,” Anine tells Renee. “Just by going to the flea markets I find a lot of inspiration for my kids, my life, for my friends, just looking at all the beautiful people in the streets.”

Renee asks Anine how she views colour when she’s designing something. “I don’t use a lot of colour – right now I use burgundy that’s the only pop of colour that we use. Normally, I just focus on natural colours, beige, white, black, grey.. beautiful colours.”

Renee asks how Anine works on price point, and Anine says it’s not high or low, but rather the middle of the range and Renee says, “Yeah, and it’s totally worth it.”

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