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Max Wilson

Lifestyle Writer

Nov 11, 2020

If you’re obsessed with accessorising and are always looking for ways to amp up your Specs appeal then this guide is for you! With summer just around the corner, we are beginning to emerge from our winter lockdown hibernation. So go on and treat yourself to a new pair (or a few) of sunnies to keep you ahead of the curve and your peeps protected.

A quick look at the eyewear trends from the mostly virtual catwalks this year sees a shift from slim & less protective styles to larger, to more shielding ones. We’re seeing a return to well-known, forever favourites like aviators, cat-eyes, and other traditional shapes. Each of these styles can be easily integrated to compliment your fashion no matter your individual look! Let’s have a look at some of the trendy new designs this summer:

Kim Kardashian West wears crystal choker

1. Shield Sunglasses

There continues to be an upward trend in favour of shield sunglasses, especially those with an oversized, merged lens. This past year, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez were rocking this style, and we don’t see the trend dying down anytime soon. This design is modern, while also providing full-range eye protection, making it perfect for the strong summer sun.

Shield Sunglasses
Shield Sunglasses

Be the life of the party at any socially distanced get-together, with these trendy ​Moschino sunglasses​ to keep you looking on point while also providing ultimate protection from harmful UV rays. The design is streamlined to look elegant yet sporty, making it a perfect choice for those afternoon barbeques. A really cool feature is that these sunglasses are wraparound and not bi-framed, meaning you get full coverage from the front and sides. These sunnies are made to be durable and at Vision Direct, they’re available with a 24-month warranty.

2. Oversized Sunglasses

When in doubt, go bigger. It’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Versace’s oversized sunglasses. With the trend of increased eye protection, oversized sunglasses are gaining traction amongst popular designers right now.

Oversized Sunglasses
Oversized Sunglasses

Give it a go with a pair of Versace ​oversized baby pink sunglasses​ with tasteful spiral details. These sunnies scream “summer vibes” with their soft cream frame and tinted lenses. They’re a pair that’ll stay fashionable over this season and the next.

3. Aviators

Aviators are a necessity for any eyewear enthusiast. Every season, brands put their own spin on this classic style and this year, there was a trend for aviator sunglasses in vibrant shades.


Go all out with your style when you’re wearing aviators. Have fun this new season with these vibrant ​mirror lens sunglasses​ by Ray Ban. Pick from a plethora of colors at Vision Direct for a look that says you.

Similarly, you can also take a look at these slightly pentagonal shaped aviator eyeglasses from Smartbuy Collection​ to get the latest summer look. At less than $30, these glasses can take you from day well into the night. Vision Direct can supercharge any pair of glasses or sunglasses as per your prescription, however they can also add special features such as polarisation and photochromic lenses.

4. Unusual shapes

For those who like to veer from the well-beaten path and are craving a unique new look to step out of the house in, this is the category to keep your eye on.

Unusual Shapes
Unusual Shapes

Emilio Pucci makes these very striking designer ​sunglasses​ with purple and green accents on the frame and mirror brown lenses. Wear these edgy sunnies the next time you want all eyes on you (pun intended). The material is hypo-allergenic, making it suitable for even those with the most sensitive skin. This is available in 3 other shades and Vision Direct provides a 2 year warranty on these sunglasses.

5. White Frame Sunglasses

Ever since the ‘60s, we’ve seen this style come back again and again. We love this style for both spring and summer to compliment a lighter wardrobe.

White Frame Sunglasses
White Frame Sunglasses

Any style guide would be lacking without mentioning Balmain. These​ ivory white sunglasses​ with gradient brown lenses and beautiful detailing in golden are summer style approved; in fact, they are all-season approved because of the neutral colouring and soft accenting. These sunnies are perfect for adding angles and dimension to the face and are support those with a round or oval face.

Enjoy playing your style this new season and try on any of the sunnies seen here at home with the help of Vision Direct’s ​online try-on tool.​ If you want to add a prescription to your sunnies but can’t remember the details, you can easily retrieve them with the ​Lens Scanner​ app too.


By Max Wilson

Lifestyle Writer

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