Every Single One of These Australian Fashion Week Backstage Beauty Looks is a Vibe

Australian Fashion Week Backstage Beauty
Marie-Antoinette Issa

Lifestyle Editor

May 16, 2024

From androgynous ponytails to aquatic-inspired nails, these were our favourite Australian Fashion Week backstage beauty looks.

Shark Beauty x Beare Park 

The backstage beauty memo at Bear Park? Relaxed hair and minimal make up – with a black kohl liner and natural textures left to shine. “Beare Park is known for its timeless, sophisticated approach to dressing with a decisive simplicity. This was mirrored in the runway hair,” said Chris Hunter – hair director, at Shark Beauty (the official hair tool partner of Australian Fashion Week). Chris partnered with Madison Voloshin and they worked together to create simple lived-in hairstyles. “Think low sheen, lived in minimal hair with water spray to damp down.”

Shark Beauty Image Credits: Toby Peet for Shark Beauty: Official hair tool partner of Australian Fashion Week 

Kevin Murphy x Rory William Docherty

As the official hair sponsor of Australian Fashion Week, Kevin Murphy products played a crucial role in creating perfect hair looks for a number of designers. Including a collaboration with Rory William Docherty’s runway presentation. Where Kevin Murphy’s hair stylist Paloma Garcia worked organically with each model’s hair and its natural texture. Typically starting with the Kevin Murphy Young Again Treatment Oil.

Following this, one of the most popular looks was an androgynous ponytail. Where Garcia explained, “the natural hair texture is enhanced through a directional ponytail. With a deep side part and horse shoe sectioning through the top, meeting at an eye line ponytail.”

Australian Fashion Week backstage beauty Kevin Murphy x Rory William Docherty

Ardell x Albus Lumen

When it came to face beat, Albus Lumen’s grand opening of Australian Fashion Week 2024 set the stage for a captivating collaboration with Ardell Professional. Isabella Schimid, the Makeup Director, orchestrated a minimalist yet impactful makeup style, perfectly complemented by Ardell’s editorial style lashes. The lashes, adorned with silver and blue accents, added a modern edge to the overall look. Harmonising seamlessly with the colour theme of the show.

Australian Fashion Week Trends Backstage beauty Ardell Albus Lumen

Elizabeth Arden x Viktoria & Woods

At the Viktoria & Woods show, elegance met simplicity with Elizabeth Arden‘s skin care expertise. Again, Isabella Schimid, alongside Elizabeth Arden, placed the emphasis on strong skin preparation. Focusing on enhancing natural beauty without overpowering with colour. The use of advanced skin care formulas like Hyaluronic Acid Ceramide Capsules and the Retinol + HPR Ceramide Rapid Skin-Renewing Water Cream helped achieve a radiant, plump finish, that aligned perfectly with Viktoria & Woods’ Resort 25 Collection.

Australian Fashion Week Backstage beauty Elizabeth Arden Viktoria Woods

Lanolips x Bec & Bridge

Makeup artists backstage at Bec & Bridge, elevated model’s looks by applying Lanolips ‘101 Ointment on the cheekbones for a radiant highlight and to hydrate the lips.

To further enhance the lip area, they applied Lip Water over lipstick. Creating a mesmerising holographic shimmer that made the lips stand out on the runway.

Australian Fashion Wek Backstage Beauty Lanolips x Bec & Bridge

Ultraceuticals and Make Up For Ever x Liandra Swim

This year, Ultraceuticals partnered with eco-conscious label Liandra Swim as the official skin preparation sponsor for their debut solo show at Australian Fashion Week 2024. It was a collaboration that celebrated local and Indigenous fashion on a global stag. And, highlighted the natural synergy between both brands, known for their commitment to integrity and innovation.

With Tracey Beeby, Global Education Technical Training Manager for Ultraceuticals, on hand to emphasise the role of a good skin care routine to achieve instant skin radiance, the brand curated a tailored skin preparation regimen for Liandra Swim models backstage. Featuring their advanced skincare formulations designed to promote skin health and radiance. With a focus on immediate brightening and hydration, the regime included Ultraceuticals’ newly reformulated Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum.

Australian Fashion Week Backstage Beauty Ultraceuticals Liandra

To complete the look, Makeup Director Karyssa Leigh and Makeup Artist Belinda Masri used a range of products from the Make Up For Ever range (available at Sephora) to create a fresh and natural aesthetic. Emphasising glowing, radiant skin and a dewy complexion achieved through luminous foundation. This was complemented by soft, neutral tones on the eyes and lips. The focus was on enhancing each model’s natural features while exuding a beachy, sun-kissed vibe. That perfectly aligned with Liandra Swim’s signature style of effortless elegance and coastal chic.

Australian Fashion Week Backstage Beauty Make Up For Ever

Revlon Professional x Karla Spetic

Revlon Professional collaborated as the official hair partner for Karla Spetic’s AFW Resort ’25 collection at Carriageworks. Embracing the collection’s ‘Ikgai’ theme, which means ‘reason for being’, Revlon Professional’s expert stylists crafted multiple looks. All inspired by Japanese ceremonial hairstyles from the Heian period.

Led by Hair Director Uros Mikic, the team executed clean, straight hairstyles with lived-in texture, using Revlon Professional’s Style Masters and RE/START product ranges. The result was a seamless fusion of modern interpretation and historical elegance. Accentuated by the incorporation of hair extensions to complement Karla Spetic’s visionary designs.

Australian Fashion Week Backstage Beauty

Foreo x Third Form

Foreo‘s meticulous skin care regime, combined with their innovative devices and potent formulations, contributed to flawless and glowing skin for the Third Form Show. 

It began with thorough cleansing using a balm and the Luna 4. Then, they hydrated with Supercharged Serum 2.0 and toned with the Bear 2 device. Moisturising came next with the Triple Action Moisturiser, followed by a radiant boost from the Supercharged Body Serum. This meticulous routine ensured flawless, glowing skin for the event. 

Foreo x Third Form Australian Fashion week Backsktage beauty

Wella & OPI x Em on Holiday

Finally, the collaboration between Wella Professionals, OPI and Em on Holiday was a display of a mesmerising underwater theme. Drawing inspiration from the classic film “SPLASH,” Wella Professionals’ Editorial Top Stylist, Keiren Street, created a contrast of textures in the hair. Mirroring the film’s aquatic elements. Paired with OPI’s nail artistry, the runway exuded luxury and whimsy, with hair and nails perfectly complementing the opulent fabrics and embellishments of the showcased designs.

Australian Fashion Week backstage beauty Wella & OPI x Em on Holiday


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Lifestyle Editor

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