Top Tips To Get Prepared And Have A Stress-Free Wedding Day

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Apr 30, 2020

Your special day is just around the corner! But have you got everything sorted? The cake? The tables? The photos?! It’s a special day, yes, but weddings can also be very stressful if not planned correctly and well in advance.

Here are some tips to make your wedding as stress-free as possible courtesy of ‘de lumiere‘.


Throughout this incredibly busy day, it’s imperative you leave some space on your timeline for free time whether that be to take location shots or just for having some much-needed down time.

The wedding dress

wedding dress

You would’ve spent hours on end choosing THE perfect dress for your wedding day, so naturally you’ll want to show off your elegant dress as often and as well as you can. Organise for your dress to be hung up on a coat hanger or on a dressmaker’s mannequin if you can. If it’s a lace-up dress, leave some extra for fitting.

The pre-ceremony locations

This may seem unimportant on the day, but in reality it can affect the overall atmosphere and quality of the images take on your wedding day. Take into account how far apart you’ll be from one another, how many people you’ll have with you in your rooms, etc.


Ensuring hair and makeup is done on time is also key to the running of your whole day. It is recommended that you meet up with your stylist before the actual day to do a trial and see for timings. As a must, it’s important that all the girls have had their makeup done prior to the photographers arriving so that everything is ready and in order even for background photos.


Instead of sticking to the traditional preparation photos, give the boys something to do while they wait. Have a bottle of whisky waiting for him and his friends, or a box of cigars. They’ll appreciate it and it’ll keep them busy.



Make sure your flowers are delivered well before you leave as well as a cool, designated area for them to wait while the photographer arrives.


Yes, you must also consider that there may be traffic on the day. You can never be too prepared when it comes to your wedding!

First look

Consider having a more private, intimate look at your partner before seeing them in public. This can help with the nerves believe it or not.

The ceremony

This is a good excuse to practice your kisses with your partner. Make it memorable, long-lasting for the photos and full of raw emotion! Consider having guests throw rose petals or confetti to make the shot that much more spectacular.

Family photos

Family photos should only take 15 minutes tops if you’ve prepared in advance. Know which groups you want photographed; make a list if it helps.

Location photography

wedding, photograph

It is recommended that you leave about an hour for location photography, because you can never have too many! Factor in how you would like the photographs to look, stylistically. During the sunset? At the beach? City? Pre-plan exactly what you have in mind and check with your photographer.

You could also create a Pinterest board to gather all your inspiration ideas.


Decide whether you want to get married in a softer Winter wonderland or a brighter, warmer Summer environment. Both are beautiful in their own ways, it depends on taste and preference. If you choose Winter, opt for photos at an earlier stage of the day before it goes dark. If in Summer, evening photos can produce less harsh images without any squinting. It’s your wedding, so it’s your choice.

Wet weather plan

As mentioned before, you can never be too prepared! No one wants to imagine rain on their wedding day, but just in case happens, you need a backup plan. Organise theme-appropriate umbrellas that can even add a whole other element to your photos.

The reception

Some other things to think about:

  • The First Dance – do you want one? Is it choreographed? Early in the night or later?
  • Speech – just make sure they’re sober!
  • The cake – organise what kind of cake you want and how you want it to look. Have fun with it!
  • Exiting the venue – is the exit going to be spectacular with sparkles or more low-key?

Are you ready for your big wedding day?


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