Dancing With The Stars Beauty Peta Murgatroyd Nails The Perfect Cat Eye

Glenn Nutley

Beauty Writer

Jan 10, 2016

Always in fashion and one of the most effective makeup looks for any face shape, the Cat Eye makeup look is notoriously difficult to get even across both eyes, but Glenn Nutley has five killer tricks he’s happy to share with professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd.

Dancing With The Stars Beauty Peta Murgatroyd Nails The Perfect Cat Eye

She’s the Aussie gal who has wowed Dancing With The Stars audiences in The States for the past seven seasons and she’s still going strong! While Peta Murgatroyd was born in New Zealand, she grew up in Perth and has been hitting the dance-floor highs since she was a girl. Here, make-up guru Glenn Nutley gives the professional dancer his top tips on creating a ‘cat-eye’ makeup look.

Peta admits she struggles with getting both eyes to look even when she’s tried this herself, but she won’t have that problem again after Glenn’s tutorial – and you’ll never guess what his number one tool is!
After the lesson, they hit the studio for a photo-session and we think you’ll agree – Peta looks purr-fect!

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Model – Peta Murgatroyd
Make Up/Photography – Glenn Nutley
Hair – Andrew Zepeda
Stylist – Adeel Khan
Nail Specialist – Ashley Van
Producer – BP Major


By Glenn Nutley

Beauty Writer

There’s a good reason why the name Glenn Nutley and the phrase “best in the business” are whispered on fashion shoots around the world – Glenn is much more than just a makeup artist. He is an artisan with an eye for creating the visually extraordinary.



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