5 Ways To Combat Hair Breakage And Banish Split Ends

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Feb 23, 2022

Hair breakage is a common problem faced by many women. We have all had the unfortunate experience of having our hairdresser trim off 2 inches of hair due to un-repairable split ends.  So, what can you do to combat these concerns and keep your hair strong and healthy? We have put together some super simple tips you can follow daily to repair your hair and protect it from further damage. Leaving you healthy shiny hair for summer. 

Shelve the heat tools 

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Maintaining your hairs natural health and lustre becomes increasingly difficult the more you use heat styling devices. Even everyday blow drying will have a detrimental impact on your hair condition if you don’t protect it. Minimising the use of hot tools is the best course of action, but if the thought of going cold turkey on the straightening iron is too much to bear, then you must use heat protective products to minimise damage. 

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Practice gentle towel drying 

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We have all been guilty of vigorously towel drying our hair when getting out of the shower. The problem with this is hair is at its most vulnerable when soaking wet, so a heavy-handed towel dry can cause irreparable hair breakage. Instead, gently squeeze the moisture from your hair with the towel before allowing it to air dry or blow-drying with your fingers. 

Don’t over wash your hair 

Over washing your hair, especially with the wrong products, can strip your hair of its natural hydration and nutrients, leaving lack lustre strands fragile and weak.  A professional hairdresser can do a thorough assessment of your hair health and needs and provide you with a tailored home care plan that incorporates the ideal wash cycle.  In between washes use a professional Dry Shampoo to keep hair fresh and fabulous. 

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Drink your way to healthy hair

With so many advances in modern hairdressing, boosting your hair health is as easy as drinking a cup of tea. Australian hair health brand trico.lab has created certified organic, naturopath approved, herbal teas specifically to boost hair health and condition. 

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With ingredients used to assist with fighting hair loss and shedding, the unique blend of trico.lab Regenerate tea may help stop hair follicles from swelling shut and provides regenerative properties to prolong the growth cycle of your hair.

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Treat yourself  

Help your hair retain its natural moisture and stay healthy and hydrated by adopting a moisture boosting hair care regime. Moisturising shampoos, conditioners and treatments help repair, nourish and restore and dehydrated hair deep into the hair shaft helping reduce flyways and frizz. 

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