5 Quick Cosmetic Treatments to Fit into Your Lunch Break

Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

May 15, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, people are always on the go, and there is never enough time to do everything that we want to do. This includes taking care of our good looks, which can often be time-consuming. From neat nails to makeup, to body hair management, beauty requires lengthy visits to various estheticians and plastic surgeons.

However, there are a number of cosmetic procedures that can be done quickly and easily, basically during your lunch hour. As a bonus, they’re usually great long-term investments. Here are five convenient and highly effective beauty treatments you can get done no matter how hectic your day is.


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Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells from the face. This treatment is designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and acne scars. It’s a painless procedure that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The Australian microdermabrasion landscape is notably diverse, offering options such as hydro-microdermabrasion, oxygen microdermabrasion, crystal, and diamond microdermabrasion. Each has its unique advantages and is suitable for different skin types.

After the treatment, your skin may be slightly red and sensitive for a few hours, but this will subside quickly. Your beautician will probably have some recommendations for aftercare, such as products to use and irritants to avoid.

Chemical peel

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A chemical peel is another non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can be done during your lunch hour. This treatment involves the application of phenol or certain acids to the skin, which peels off the outer layer and reveals healthier skin underneath. It can help with pigmentation, dryness, and wrinkles.

In addition to purely aesthetic improvements, chemical peels are used to treat a variety of skin conditions. The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends it for treating sun damage, controlling acne, reducing scars, and removing pre-cancerous skin growths.

The whole process takes around half an hour. As to side effects, you may experience some redness and peel for a few days after the appointment.

Laser mole removal

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If you have a mole that you would rather not see anymore, laser mole removal is a quick and painless option. This treatment uses a laser to remove the mole without damaging the surrounding skin, and you can return to your routine as soon as you’re done. However, t can be performed only if the mole is non-cancerous. The removal itself takes just a few minutes, but an appointment usually lasts around half an hour to include consultations, patient registration, and aftercare instructions.

Take your time to find a certified and licensed service provider for laser mole removal in Sydney to ensure a safe and effective procedure. Remember, laser mole removal is only done if the mole is non-cancerous (i.e. benign), so it’s important to have it checked by a dermatologist before undergoing the treatment.

Laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure among men and women alike. It’s a great solution for everyone who is unhappy with their hair growth rate, but can’t be bothered with the necessary frequency of other hair removal methods like shaving, waxing, or sugaring.

This procedure uses a laser to accurately target and destroy hair follicles, thus permanently preventing hair from growing back. In Australia, diode lasers are the most popular, but Er: YAG and Alexandrite laser models are seeing rapid growth too. Laser hair removal is used as a long-term solution to unwanted hair on the face, legs, arms, underarms, back, and in the bikini area.

An average appointment takes about 30 minutes, but it might be more or less depending on the size of the area treated. You may experience some redness and sensitivity afterwards. If the hair growth in the treated area is very stubborn, or if the skin is very sensitive, your laser tech might recommend doing the removal in a few sessions instead of all at once.

Botox injections

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Botox injections work by inserting a neurotoxin called botulinum into the muscles of the face. Botulinum blocks the signals that the surrounding nerves would send to the facial muscles, which temporarily paralyses them.

This temporary induced paralysis means that the muscles can’t contract, so the skin of the face won’t move either. That way the treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Feel free to ask your specialist questions about their experience and the procedure in general. You can book consultations before committing to an appointment.

In qualified, experienced hands, the procedure of injecting botox takes around 15 minutes to complete, and you can return to your daily tasks immediately afterwards. The effects of Botox injections last for approximately 3-6 months.

In conclusion, there are a number of cosmetic procedures that can be done during your lunch hour, providing a quick and convenient way to maintain your fabulous looks. From microdermabrasion and chemical peels, through laser mole and hair removal, to Botox injections, there is a wide range of options available to help you look and feel your best, no matter how busy life might get.


By Sophia Smith

Lifestyle Writer

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about photography, interior design and DIY projects. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at Women Love Tech and High Style Life.



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